Minggu, 24 Mei 2009

Breakfast for husband..

The pair of the new married one week. On a morning the husband would go to the office, and his wife asked, "Hubby, I would like to have breakfast this morning?"

"No need, mom. Enough this course breakfast same morning," answered the husband while kiss

brow wife.

Day afternoon, the accidental husband can eat quota meeting in the office, but still go home.

"Hubby, this afternoon I'd like to eat?" ask his wife.

"Lunch is just hubby enough," answered the husband's right cheek and kissed the left cheek and his wife.

Because of overtime, the husband's home the night ... Take at home, upset because he does not see his wife. Then he called wife, "Mama, mama where?"

Have heard a voice from the kitchen his wife replied. "hubby, this mom here. In the kitchen are warm meal."

The husband directly to the kitchen. He was extraordinarily surprised to see the wife was sitting in a basin containing warm water.

”Mom! , what are you doing there?" he ask to the wife.

With his wife quietly said, "Being warm dinner, hubby."

Thax for Heryrhey

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